Vadim Ryakhovsky was born on 11th October 1964 in Kazan, Russia. He works and lives in Niznekamsk. Since 2000 he has taken part in more than 20 various regional and national exhibitions. In 2008, he has become a laureate of the International Graphic Biennale in St. Petersburg "White inter-nights 2008". In 2009 he realized personal exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria. Favourite technique - colour pencil.

Seven red umbrellas 3
Red gardener 2
Red flower 2
Girl and elephant 3
Presents-day 3
Part from the life of the birds 4
One out of the game 2
On the Square 3
My collections fishes 5
My collections birds 4
My collections 4
In the mountains 5
Girl with the birds 8
Female-buratino 2
Birthday_traveler 3
Birds yard 2
Big yellow fish 5
Between full and half moon 4
Acquaintance 2
Abduction of the unknown 3