The mission of ARTSHAREON is to encourage and promote one of the most fundamental qualities of people – creativity! We believe that the sharing of knowledge and experience is essential for the evolution of our personalities and civilization. Every one of us has our own style and creative power but the meaning that we create can never exist outside the idea of community, of people as a part of the whole. We see art exactly as a road to evolution and we hope that many talented people of art will find the meaning of our idea and will be willing to become a part of ARTSHAREON – art Wikipedia.


The idea of ARTSHAREON is that people with artistic talents should be free to share their works with the rest of the world. This kind art Wikipedia is open to all professionals art cretors who have managed to represent their fantasy in an authentic and distinguishing way. Our desire is the project to cover all kinds of arts that can exist in a digital form – drawing, photography, video, music, literature, software and so on.

Artshareon and the Inspiration


Our major goal is to:
- Contribute to the free but not irresponsible sharing of art and talent in the Internet and thus charging more and more people with enthusiasm and creative energy;
- Strengthen the sense of connection between people;
- Reveal the meaning of sharing and teach ourselves how to give away;