MY NAME IS VIKTOR MAZHLEKOV, AND I AM AN ARTIST. MY STYLE OF PAINTING IS ASTRAL POSTREALISM. I think I was born an artist. My parents have made me happy by tossing over the pencils to my side. Ever since I haven’t stopped painting, this is my passion, my life. My favourite techniques are Oil on canvas and Drawing. I like to experiment with oil paints, and with the different techniques of laying the paint on canvas. I do my paintings using many layers thus trying to achieve the effects of depth, density and colour playfulness. I make illustrations as well. I have participated in several regional exhibitions since 1995, and I have also seven solo exhibitions. Sometimes I have fun by making sculptures. I have always had a strong passion for Architecture and Animation. I keep on painting…

Dream hunter 5
Bulgaro Mc.Karono 5
Bugi-Bugi devil 5
The green nightmareeater 9
Kashomaron 5
Chao Maniana 3
Bandito Banditilieri 2
Damba dumba 2
Circle of life 5
Walk with me 13
The mushrooms 6