Imagine ARTSHAREON as a shining fancy planet. Here live together creatures of art – people of colour and intensity, of words and perspective, of motion and music. What draws us to this place is the gravity of imagination; everyone comes here to share their work and to take a walk along the streets of somebody else’s fantasy. It is a place designed by artists for artists, a place without pretentions and pomposity, a place which rests on bright ideas and strong quality of performance.
The creators of the online planet ARTSHAREON are Viktor Mazhlekov and Valentin Alexiev. We want to express our sincere gratitude and high appreciation to Asen Petrov for making the website logo and to Petya Kokudeva for writing the wonderful texts.


We provide each of you the opportunity to obtain High Quality images or so called Retina images from some of the most interesting artists that you may encounter on the web. Each author on the site has realized the need of sharing his work with the others, of sharing the most valuable which he possess. We hope this example will provoke more people to share the most valuable they have with the other around them.


We wish that the palette of ARTSHAREON embrace more and more colours – vigorous people with various talents and original comprehension of the world.