Multiple Ways To Be A Part From This Project

Everyone can help for the development and promotion of our idea as long as they feel it their own. There are various ways to show your support but here are the basic:


Share This Site With The Rest Of The World Puting A Link Into Your Web Site Or Blog

We will offer you several ways to share our site with all your friends and relatives. Generally, you can simply copy the link: WWW.ARTSHAREON.COM and put it on your personal site, blog or just share it through the social networks. Similarly, you can download our logo and display it in a prominent place. Or, in case that you have a ready flow of language, you can always write an article about us and share it with the rest of the world. Feel free to use your imagination!

Download our logo: Download ArtShareOn logo


Donation is an act which functions on many levels. Not only does it help other people but it is of great assistance to us as well. It brings benefits at this very moment and at this very place, but it is also a driving force for the creation of long-lasting and steady results. It is an energy which you put forth but which also comes back. We cordially thank you in case you decide to stand by us. There is no doubt that your support for us will eventually turn into support for yourself.
The accumulated sum is used Only for developing and supporting of the website